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Neal Greig 

Neal Greig Artist Statement.


Outstanding, closely observed landscapes that maintain a spontaneous, energised engagement with the atmospherics of each location, be it the turbulent waters along the Northwest coastline or the rivers and lakes of Fermanagh and Monaghan. Greig is always there in the moment, and conveys the experience directly.

Aidan Dunne Irish Times 23 May 2019 

Exploring the lanuage of paint and investigating creativity of the moment are fundamental aspects on my journey of making a painting.

The elemental combination of earth,fire and water are my core subject matter, once thought by the ancient Chinese to be the components of a human body. I seek to infuse and overlap these elements in a distillation of paint.

There are musical and poetic comparisons as I aim to create a breadth of dialogue in response to a live landscape situation.  I attempt to weave a line between abstract passages of paint that which is familiar, analytical and representational.  I am reminded of a Jazz musician using a famililar musical passage as the hook on which to hang his improvisations.  Similarly, the landscape is equivalent to my hook.  I am interested in going outside to paint, responding to the day as it changes and unfolds. I document the light, space and texture, spontaneously paintning the changes, observing and marking the passing of time .

At times a vigorous approach is employed, capturing a sense of urgency in an effort to catch the changing light. This could then pass on to analytical observation, seeking to emulate the subtle complexity of natural forms.

Working outside brings an instinctive aspect to painting. I employ a directness of articulation and economy of lanuage. At times areas are left understated while other areas are the focus of attention. This is reflective of how the mind, eye and the hand respond in a cohesive

flow in response to working from life, whilst the creative energy emanates from the heart.

I look for a sense of pictorial space, taking the furthest point from the eye, then drawing the composition towards me. Conversely, the viewer, looking at theh surfaces and reading the painting is gradually drawn through the space.  In a sense I am paitng an organic, natural space rather than a picturesque view of the landscape.  I am not averse to the beauty and interconnectedness of things.

The palette of colours is kept simple. Considerable mixing takes place, on the palette and on the painting.  I push the paint around using various brushes and tools as the pigments get to know each other.  I often think of the process of painting as a series of mistakes, with an underlaying sense of knowing, continuing towards a resolution.

Working within the parameters of a creative window, I see the painting evolve.  I aim to depict a distillation and observance of the passing of time, rather than a photographis snapshot of a landscape, which represents a slpit second.

At time sthe event of doing a painting can be very challenging.  Finding and getting to a location which has the right combination of elements, also being weather beaten and insect bitten standing too close to the edge on a windy day sneaky freak waves, not to mention close encounters with various animals are  all part of the happening.  At times I am struck in wonderment, standing painting the passing of a day as the planet revolves around the sun.



Born Belfast Northern Ireland 1965



Edinburgh College of Art Edinburgh Scotland 1983 1987

BA Hons Fine Art

Edinburgh College of Art Post Graduate Diploma Fine Art 1988 – 1990.



2021. Agility Award Arts Council of Ireland

2020Professional Artist Grant Monaghan County Council

2018 Professional Artist Grant Monaghan County Council Creative Ireland

2018/19 Portrait of a Village
2019 Artist in Prison Loughran House Prison

Elected Royal Ulster Academy
2018 Artist in Prison Mountjoy Dochas
2017 Professional Artist Grant Monaghan County Council 2016 Artist in Prison Scheme Portlaios Prison

2015 Artist in Prison Scheme Arts Council Ireland

2012 Artist In Prison Scheme Arts Council Ireland.

2011 PollockKrasner

          Award Jackson Pollock Foundation New York

          Culture Ireland Grant , Imagine Ireland America

2009 Artist in Residence in Reardon House Newfoundland .

          Arts Council Travel Award

2009 Monaghan Co. Council Professional Artists Grant

2007 Professional Arts Grant Monaghan Co. Council

2006 Professional Arts Grant Monaghan Co. Council

2004 Fellowship to Vermont Artist Studios Vermont , U.S.A.

2001 AerLingus Travel Award to Chicago U.S.A.

2000 Millennium Fund Monaghan Co. Council

1998 Leader Grant rural Development Award Cavan .

1994 Northern Ireland Art Council Award

1995 Aer Lingus Travel Award to Italy

1988 Andrew Grant Scholarship to Edinburgh art College.



2009 Portadown Health Centre Shortlisted

2007 Cork City airport Hotel

2004 Patrick Kavanagh Bicentenary Monaghan Co. Museum

2002 CPV Clones

        Fugi Sawa

2001 Queens University Dept. Palaeocology , Belfast

2001 Derrygannon Community Group, Co. Monaghan

2000 Knocktallon Community Group Co. Monaghan



2016     Custom House Studios Mayo.

2015     Ballinglen Art Foundation Mayo.

2014     Artist in residence Ontario Arts Society

2012     Ballinglen Art Foundation Co. Mayo

2011     Cillrailling Art Studios Kerry

2009     Reardon House Newfoundland

.2007    Ballinglen Art Foundation Co. Mayo

2005     Ballinglen Art Foundation Co. Mayo

2004     Ballinglen ArtFoundation Co., Mayo

             Cillraillig Art Studios Co. Kerry

             Vermont Art studios Vermont U.S.A.

2003     Cillrailig Art Studios Co. Kerry

              Loophead Lighthouse Co. Clare

              Artist in Residence Belfast Print Workshop.

2000     Artist in Residence Termon House Donegal.

1999     Artist in Residence TermonHouse Donegal

1990     Artist in Residence TheTyrone Guthrie Art Centre Monaghan






Mayo County Council

Beaumont Hospital

Drogheda Hospital


















Clefnote Chicago 2011

Aiden Dunne The Irish Times. 2010

Fred Johnson TheSunday Time Cultural Magazine.

Aiden Dunne The Irish Times

Ian Hill Belfast Telegraph.


One Person Exhibition


2017   Doorway Gallery Dublin                                                                                                                                

2016   Claremorris Contemporary  Fine Art . Co Mayo

2015   Fidra Fine Art North Berwick Scotland

          Doorway Gallery Dublin


2013   The TomCaldwell Gallery Belfast

2012   Claremorris Contemporary Fine Art

          The Market House Monaghan

2011    Lydon Contemporary Chicago

          Peter Lewis Gallery St Johns Newfoundland

2009    Blackbird Gallery Kilkenny

           Buckley Gallery Co. Cork

2008    Tom Cadwell Gallery , Belfast

          The Market House Gallery Monaghan

2007    The Private Collector Gallery , Cork

2006    The Private Collector Gallery , Cork

2005    The Mullen Gallery , Belfast

           The Private collector Gallery, Cork

          The Market Place Gallery , Armagh N. Ireland

2003    An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

          The Mullen Gallery, Belfast

2002    Atlantic Light, Wellspring Gallery Co. Kerry.

           On Edge, the Origin Gallery Dublin.

2001    Artemisia Gallery , Chicago, U.S.A.

          Mullingar Art Centre, Co. West Meath.

1999   The Logan Gallery ,Galway

          Source The Dolmen Gallery Waterford.

          Source Drochied Art centre, Drogheda

          New Works St Patricks train, Armagh n. Ireland

1995    Donagh Series Monaghan County Museum

1994    Donagh Series the Basement Gallery, Dundalk Co. Louth

          Donagh Series The Cootehill Arts Festival Cavan.

1992   New Works Harmony Hill Art Centre Lisburn, Co. Antrim

          New Works The Crescent Art Centre Belfast.

1990    The Step Gallery Edinburgh Scotland.

          Hanover Fine Art Edinburgh Scotland.


Two – Person Exhibitions


2012     At Home Exhibition Tom Cald Well Gallery , Belfast


2011      Tom Caldwell Gallery Belfast

2010       The Origin Gallery , Dublin

2004      The Wellspring Gallery, Co. Kerry

1997       New Works The Paul Kane Gallery Dublin.



Selected Group Exhibitions


2016     Pentland Fine Art Aberdeen

              Boyle Arts Festival Kigshouse Boyle

              The Compass Gallery Glasgow


2015     Boyle Exhibition Roscommon

              The Claremorris Gallery

              The Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition


2014     The Claremorris Contemporary Art gallery Ireland

              The Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh

              The Arusha Gallery Edinburgh

2013     The Royal Academy London.

2010     The Boyle Arts Festival 21 st Anniversary of The Civic Collection

2008     The Blackbird Gallery, Co. Kilkenny

2007     Art Fair New York

2006     The Boyle Arts Festival, Co. Roscommon.

              Tom Caldwell Gallery Belfast.

2005     The Boyle Arts Festival, Co. Roscommon

2004     Lydon Fine art, Chicago U.S.A.

              The Mullan Gallery , Belfast.

             The Hammond Gallery Cork

2003      Revealing Objects Queens University Belfast.

            Royal Ulster Academy

2002    Revealing Objects Queens University Belfast.

            The Royal Ulster Academy , Belfast

            Mullan Gallery, Belfast

            Light and Space The Screig Gallery Donegal

            The Boyle Arts Festival Contemporary Ulster Artists.

2001   Daffodil Gallery Skerries Dublin

1999   Daffodil Gallery Skerries Dublin

             Gaelforce Gracefielf Art Centre Dumfries Scotland

              The Henziel Gallery, Aberdeen.

                Island Works Monaghan Co. Museum

1998        Paul Kane Gallery, Dublin

1997       The Carrol Gallery Longford.

               Burdwedel Arts Festival Germany

1996        Designs on Peace U.S. Embassy Dublin

                NewWorks The Dyehouse Gallery Waterford.

1994        Iontas Sligo Art Gallery

1993        Heartland SeaboundTheSligo Art Gallery.

1992        Heartland Seabound The Old Museum Building Belfast.

                Heartland High Plains, The Market House Gallery Monaghan.







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